If you apply the knowledge and the tools that Little Miss Muscles gives you, you can achieve your goals and you WILL be a success story.

You can achieve anything you set your mind to.



“Well, this program has changed my life! I was an unhealthy girl (who hated her veggies), who was at the point of slipping. I knew that if I didn't change things up, I would never stop eating the bad food, never move the fat and could only expect to put more on. I could have very easily lost control of my body and my health. But now - wow! I eat so much better (and love my veggies a whole lot more) and push my body to be strong. In just under 5 weeks I am back in a healthy BMI weight range, I have lost 6.5kg and gained confidence and stamina where there was none before. I can do push ups, I can run around the lake without dying at the end and I am loving seeing myself become healthy and lean again. Seriously, this program, the support of all the ladies and your amazing guidance, Leah has changed my life. I will not be turning back xxx”​

"Leah is one of a kind.
She's a trainer that has a genuine care and love for each and every one of her clients. She truly wants the best for you - and is willing to hold your hand every step of the way.
Her recipes are delicious & her workouts leave you wanting more! Every session I look forward to working out with Leah and all the girls.
Even though I have to travel 40 mins to get there twice a week, it is so worth it! I have tried other trainers in Perth but they don't even come close!
I'm so grateful to be able to train with Leah! Thank you for everything you do for us, Leah."


"Little Miss Muscles has changed my life. The 12 week challenge is the first exercise program I've actually stuck with and truly enjoyed. Leah is a very supportive trainer who cares for your health and well being beyond expectations. She is a kind, warm, fun and beautiful person who is there for you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals. I would recommend anyone who wants to become slimmer, stronger, fitter and more confident to join little miss muscles, not matter what your age, weight or fitness level."


“Leah is an amazing personal trainer! Will push you beyond your comfort zone in a safe and supported way!! Have been a client of hers for almost a year and she still is able to push me further!! She does easy to follow and effective nutrition and workout plans but is all about your own journey into a fit lifestyle and she cares about not just achieving your goals but also about maintaining your results!!! Be warned exercise can result in increased happiness and health!”​

"Little Miss Muscles whipped me into shape back in late 2012 for my wedding in 2013, with massive results in just 4 weeks let alone the full 8 I did. This year I went back for more after slacking off after my wedding and again halfway through losing 35cm!! its just amazing what this lady can help you acheive. From the forever changing variety of workouts (for maximum burn) to the scrumptious meal plans as well as at home routines and the support of the online group! You meet amazing women, can chat about issues your having at anytime and with a great package and fair prices she will get you well on your way to your fitness and lifestyle goals! The best thing is she's been in our shoes and has had to work her own butt off, so she can kick ours! Thank you so much Leah for always being there for us! You will always be my go to lady!"


"Leah is such a motivating and encouraging trainer. I wouldn't go to anyone else. Even though I find it really hard to exercise, Leah is encouraging without being pushy and has a way of bringing the most out of me. I travel about 45 minutes to get to Leah because its so worth it. She is so professional and has such a passion for health and fitness."


"Best trainer I have ever had. Truly inspiring and motivating. Not only that but she is a wonderful person. Very professional but still being so helpful to your personal needs and emotions. Which is EXACTLY what you need in a trainer. Someone to help you reach your goal. Best trainer you'll ever get."


“Just finished my second 12-week challenge with Leah and signed up for my third. I love that every session is different with a mix of cardio, weights, boxing and a bit of pilates. Leah is passionate, fun and an excellent trainer. She is just the right balance of hard-ass trainer and fun, caring person. I am both physically and mentally stronger than I have ever been. Highly recommend joining!!”​

​“Well this is the 5th time signing up for the Little Miss Muscles Sweat Challenge. If I'm honest I hate working out but this challenge is actually really fun and easy to commit myself to. Bring on the next 12 weeks of progress!!”​

My darling Leah, Thankyou for teaching me to love exercise and healthy food! I HIGHLYx1000times recommend this challenge. I didnt think i could do something like this,ever! The 24/7 support you get is amazing! Ive lost over 10kg but im not really fussed about that which is weird,thanks to Leah ,I just love feeling fit ,she has taught us to love our bodies.The girls you join with are so so beautiful,always hearing support and encouragement floating around each session. You will thank yourself for doing this challenge,trust me.... thats why i have just joined the next one!!​


I just wanted to say this is my 1st Little Miss Muscles challenge and I have to say joining really was the best thing I could have done for my health! Leah is so supportive and helpful and guides you with your eating every step of the way even if you are a complete beginner like me! Leah has helped me to learn how to make good food choices and live a healthy lifestyle. I absolutely love the classes and I feel the fittest, healthiest and strongest I have felt in years! All the girls are so lovely and it's such a friendly supportive group. So far I have lost over 9kg and 9.5cm in measurements in only 9 weeks!!! I have tried many fad diets and classes in the past and they never worked, Little Miss Muscles is the only class that has helped me see real results! Bring on the next challenge!!! And thank you Leah for giving me the knowledge and confidence to change my life for the better xx


I was the oldest one of the group and i mean really old compared to some of these gorgeous young ladies i trained with . But i must say . Never once did i feel that i didnt fit in . Leah was always and is so encouraging. And the girls supported each other so much . I had to drop out during the term as i broke my ankle (at my own home) but cannot wait to go back and start training again . Before i started i was so unsure and worried that i wouldnt fit in and or be able to keep up. But seriously it was just such a great atmosphere . Leah really knows her stuff and i was gettinvg fitter and stronger every day . Would recommend Leah miss muscles to everyone . If i can do it so can you!


Leah has taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable for the long-term. Not only are the sessions fun, but Leah knows exactly what to do to get the best results. Joining Little Miss Muscles is one of the best decisions I've made and I haven't felt this good in years!


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